MBC Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is affiliated with the Monroe Boat Club. It provides a community connection by offering environmental, clean harbor, and boating-related activities for adults and children. It is a director-driven association, with the members of Monroe Boat Club and the community as participants and volunteers for its projects. A board administers the nonprofit association's planning and financial functions, and implementation of its events and projects within the physical facilities of the Monroe Boat Club.
For its events and projects, the MBC Association is funded by private donations, by grants from foundations and corporations, and from participation in State-approved Charity Gaming.  
MBC Association (MBA-A) is housed in the Monroe Boat Club (MBC) facilities on a channel that leads to Lake Erie. MBC was initially formed as the Monroe Rowing Club in 1868, but by 1900 had grown into the Monroe Yacht Club. In 1945 the Club merged with the Bolles Harbor Boat Club and became the Monroe Boat Club. The MBC continues as a vibrant, active club of approximately 330 dues-paying members.
In 2006 several members formed the Club/Community Events Committee (CCEC) for the purpose of providing educational activities for children, adults, and families and for several years offered events such as Taco Tuesdays, Friday Family Nights, safe boating workshops, and other boating or environmental-related workshops.
By 2008 the committee was providing a fishing derby for kids and had developed a partnership with the Monroe Public Schools for a clean water project with a grant from Boat U.S. Foundation. In 2011 we began offering annually, in partnership with the Monroe Intermediate School District and the River Raisin Institute, an Environmental Career Day for 120 7th graders from Monroe Middle School.  In 2016 the CCEC split into two groups; one as the CCEC focusing strictly on club events, and the other, MBC-Association, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, focusing on educational and community partnership events and projects.
The MBC-A mission is to provide educational, social, and recreational opportunities associated with fostering the development of a sustainable boating and clean water harbor community, to enhance and protect natural surroundings, and to provide programs and projects that build environmental and conservation stewardship in youth and adults.


T: 734-243-8935

E: monroebcassociation@gmail.com