Purpose of the Fishing Club – To motivate and inspire boys and girls in grades 4-6 of
Monroe Public Schools to learn the skill of fishing, an activity that may be important and
beneficial to them for college financial assistance, career preparation in the maritime
trades and the environment, and lifelong fun and relaxation. The Club will partner
with the Monroe Junior High Club and the High School Fishing Team as a feeder


Importance of the Club - By working with elementary school children, interest will be
sustained with future clubs/teams at the middle and high school levels. In Michigan, there ar
at least nine high schools that sponsor competitive fishing teams. Monroe High School is one
of them. In addition, there are colleges or universities in almost every state that are offering
financial scholarships for fishing. There are 13 colleges/universities in Michigan that have
competitive fishing teams, some of which offer fishing scholarships.


Curriculum – “Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs” is the theme for the curriculum and was
produced by The Future Fisherman Foundation (include the logo attachment someplace
relevant to this theme.) The major topics include Angling Skills, Fish Biology and Habitat,
Human Dimensions and Environment, and Life Skills.
Anticipated Start Date for the Club is September, Watch for Details and Pictures as the date gets closer.


T: 734-243-8935

E: MBCA@gmail.com