Environmental Career Day for 7th Graders

 Goal(s) of the project:


  To develop 120 7 th graders from Monroe Middle School as citizen
stewards for the Lake Erie watershed through hands-on
experiences and to instill interest in careers related to these
experiences by:


1.     Providing the students with an awareness of various types of professions and careers related to environmental issues and other careers enabling boat ownership (encouraging students to stay in school and go on to post-secondary education or training).


2.     Informing the students of methods for protecting their natural surroundings in such a way that excite and challenge them to be stewards of their environment. Not only will they hear presentations they will also participate in an ecological field experience, conduct research by collecting water samples from Lake Erie, measure, assess the quality of the water, and discuss solutions to water quality issues.


3.     Demonstrating via hands-on activities the importance of recycling, proper treatment of waste water, combating invasive species and the effect of human behavior on our land and waters. on the environment.


4.     Emphasizing the 3 major “Watershed Moments” throughout the program: (1) Take care of the ecosystems that supply us; (2) Share it because it belongs to everyone; and (3) Learn to live within our water means.


5.     Real -world applications of the NEW Science Curriculum.Supplementing  the Michigan NEW Science Standards with hands-on


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